What is Japanese sake? I’m not good at sake…

For the people who have above worry and doubt, you definitely should not miss the sake called Bikkuri Gyoten breweried by Masuda Tokubee Shoten.
Bikkuri Gyoten, which is produced by the brewery with over 300 years of history that located in Fushimi district in Kyoto, not only has the second fermentation process like champagne within bottle, but also has a low alcohol percentage per volume of 8.3 and can be enjoyed easily as wine.

Liquorjapan interviewed with Junichi Masuda, who is the young brewer at Masuda Tokubee Shoten, about Bikkuri Gyoten.

Q1. We learned that Bikkuri Gyoten is a very special sake compared to other kinds. May I know the developing concept of this sake?
And we noticed that only Bikkuri Gyoten has 180ml package in your brewery. May I also know if there are some special reasons of this?

A1. About 30 years ago, there’s no sparking sake existed in Japan, so we organized the sake producing group in Tohoku area to work on developing the sparking sake together.
Our brewery has developed this sake with the concept of high acidity and pairing well with meal.
The reason why we only pack 180ml for this sake is because if we fill too much sake in, there’s a high risk of explosion of the bottle caused by the sake’s second fermentation within the bottle as well as high gas pressure after the heat sterilization. (Although about 300ml is the limit, we developed only 180ml that is safe enough to avoid this.)
Besides, the design of Turquoise blue bottle for this sake is also attractive and gives you the impression of freshness.

Q2.During the brewery process, what are the difficulties you have faced?

A2. The balance between acidity and sweetness is one of the difficult things to adjust.  Also, since we want to keep as much sparking foam inside of the bottle as possible, after the sterilization, temperature management for this sake becomes very strict.

Q3.Who are your expected consumers for this sake?

A3.For women aged between 20-40 years old. Actually, this sake has already received huge popularity among young women consumers.

Q4.What are the requirements for logistic management?

A4. Although it is sterilized by heat just in case, we still recommend distributing it at low temperatures.

Q5.Would you share with us the dish pairing suggestions with Bikkuri Gyoten?

A5. We recommend you to drink Bikkuri Gyoten with Italian and French dishes because it can cut the fat in the dish well. With the image of rice champagne, it can pair well with Western and French dishes. Since the sake has a very fresh taste and can reset your mouth environment, you can enjoy it in gulps without the stickiness to your tongue particularly to Japanese sake.

At this time Liquorjapan will provide Bikkuri Gyoten as a souvenir for people who come to attend the trial event held by the Embassy of Japan in Delhi on March 20th, 2021.

Please take this chance to come to join us and taste the good sake that cannot be found in India easily.

Bikkuri Gyoten Product Details

The alcohol percentage by volume in Bikkurigyoten is only 8%, which is lower than the general Japanese sake’s alcohol percentage.

When it is chilled, the refreshing acidity will spread all over the mouth together with the bubbles. It can create joy that you cannot imagine from pure rice sake. Same as champagne, it is produced with the method of in-bottle fermentation and has no carbon dioxide injection.

Sake rice: Gohyakumangoku(made in Fukui)

Rice polishing percentage(Kake rice/Koji rice): 60%:60%

Yeast: Kyokai901 etc.