On March 20th, Liquor Japan has launched our first Sake trial event successfully together with the Japanese Embassy in Delhi, India!

Although the Coronavirus has posed a huge challenge for the event, with careful disinfection preparation and arrangement, the event has finally come to a successful conclusion.

In this event, a total of 16 kinds of sake were provided for our attendees, and Liquor Japan provided three kinds of Sake which have been strictly selected and highly recommended. These are Junmai Sparkling Nigori, Tsukinokatsura Junmai, Special selection Kohaku Hikari, as well as Bikkuri Gyoten we prepared as the souvenir.

Since there is an attendee number regulation, people who come to join the event have been separated into 2 groups in the morning and afternoon, and each group had a chance to try 8 kinds of Sake. Each group was given 10 minutes to enjoy the sake, and there was also Japanese food like Yakitori prepared for the attendees to better taste Sake. There was a total of 31 people came to the trial event. Among them, some were from the alcohol media background, some were from the media field, some were from the food industry, some were sake lovers and others were officials from embassies of other countries.

Although the attendee’s amount cannot be compared with last year’s trial event due to the influence of the coronavirus, we still received warm feedback from the attendees and are very happy to know that they really enjoyed this event.

Here are some photos from the sake trial event. Have a quick check!

We will try to host another trial event in the near future, so please stay connected with us to see more information!